What is the JETPACK BAG return policy?

JETPACK BAG believes in the quality of its product and the integrity of the components that comprise each kit. If you are not entirely satisfied with your JETPACK BAG, return it and we will refund your money. Opened and used products, returned for reasons other than product failure will not be refunded. Shipping is not covered by JETPACK BAG. 

Are there things in the JETPACK BAG that will expire?

Sure. Most of the contents of the JETPACK BAG's do not have an expiration date. However, there are some things that do, and the ones we get asked about most are the edible components. Some energy bars expire, so they should be eaten within the year, and then replaced. The main food source in the JETPACK BAG's are MRE's (Meals, Ready-to-Eat) and they have a 7-10 year lifespan. If you want more info on their longevity, check this out: MRE Shelf-life

What happens if my dog eats my MRE supply?

Don't panic. While they are high in salt and calories, not great for pups, they are not poisonous to animals. With the exception of the chocolate, nothing in the MRE can harm your animal.



What is the JETPACK BAG shipping policy?


JETPACK BAG ships to all 50 states. Curated and assembled based on seismic and climate conditions in the Pacific NW, and with earthquakes in mind, JETPACK BAG is a great option for floods, hurricanes, tornados, fire & tsunami's that can occur nationally.


Unfortunately, JETPACK BAG does not ship outside of the United States at this time. Why? It's really a matter of logistics and cost. Additionally, some countries have differing policies on the contents within our kits. 

Any other questions?

Drop us a line via e-mail or social media. Check out the Resources page for articles and content that may answer some of your quesions.