Jess Weinstein in the shop.

Jess Weinstein is the President and Founder of JETPACK BAG LLC. He practically invented natural disasters… or at least a temporary way to help live through them. The JETPACK BAG is, what he considers to be, just about the best earthquake preparedness kit out there. The name itself comes from, “Jess’ Earthquake Technical Pack.” 

“The need for a bag like this is something that is very relevant right now in the Pacific NW. There has been a lot of press around the imminent earthquake from the Cascadia Subduction Zone. And nobody seemed to have a quality bag, with the right components—suitable for 72 hours of survival following such a quake.” says Weinstein. 

Born and raised in Venice Beach, CA, he moved to the Pacific NW in the 90’s, because Grunge music made him do so. Actually, his wife, Katie, a Portlandia native, did. While in college he led canoe and bike trips throughout the San Juan Islands in Washington. It was there that he realized his love and passion found not just in the journey, but in preparing for the journey. Oh and he just loves gear. Some say his basement contains over 20 backpacks. An embarrassing truthiness he inherited from his Jewish mother’s purse problem/collection. He finds intrinsic joy in having the right tool for the right situation.


He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife; his college-bound kids, Skylar and Ruby; his faithful lab, Ridley; and fat cat, Amos Moses. 

The JETPACK BAG concept came about when his son, Skylar, was cleaning out his room in preparation for college. A plethora of teen-spirited army surplus gear (from gas masks to water-proof matches and machetes) made up the contents of the first prototype JETPACK BAG. This coincided with the famous New Yorker article about what Steely Dan sung about when “California tumbles into the sea.” JETPACK BAG is the culmination of turning lemons into lemonade. Disaster-style Tupperware wine & cheese parties became a regular occurrence at the Weinstein home, to talk about having a plan, being prepared and owning a JETPACK BAG. 

Getting bags on people’s backs is just the start. A prepared Pacific NW is the goal.

In his spare time, when not packing bags in the JETPACK BAG-cave he enjoys surfing, snowboarding, walking his faithful dog, growing fruits and veggies in the yard and drinking local beers.